A Picnic for the Environment | Clean Air India Movement

‘Reduce Pollution, Save Environment’ – this message greeted everyone who went to this eco-picnic organized by the Minister of Transport, Shri Gopal Rai.

Little volunteers stood proud while holding their drawings that depicted the message of using cycles and not vehicles for going from one place to another. There were also some drawings that provided information about the harm done by vehicles in terms of emitting toxic fumes that ultimately led to an irreparable pollution of the environment.

Students from the Mother’s International School were among the volunteers who proudly displayed their drawing skills. They emphasized on the ‘Odd-Even rule’ introduced by the Delhi government according to which odd- and even-numbered vehicles were to ply on alternate days.

The Transport Minister himself turned out in person at the event. He even talked about the need for saving the environment and received a large amount of appreciation with lots of clapping and cheering from the children.

There were many vivid cultural functions held by the talented children; however, all these functions coupled with the picnic spread the message of environmental protection.

This picnic is one of the initiatives undertaken by the Delhi Government to tackle the scourge of pollution in its quest to transform the capital into a pollution-free city. However, it does not stand alone, because the Clean India Air Movement (CLAIM) stands by its side.

CLAIM has put forth a carpooling service in order to bring the odd-even rule to actual realization. With more and more people no longer driving to work, the odd-even rule actually seems to be 100% incorporated.