Pedalling and not Driving – An Ideal Path to take for preventing Vehicular Pollution

Vehicles should take the side lines – so feel the proponents of the See Your Lung campaign. The focus should rest on bicycles! After all, they do not add on to the existing level of pollution – one that requires extermination not flourishing.

Hence, these proponents have taken to the roads in the capital of the country – New Delhi. Over the next few days, the streets of New Delhi will be abuzz with volunteers pedalling their message of forsaking vehicles and using cycles for conveyance for the accomplishment of the end-objective: A city free from vehicular pollution.

New Delhi is termed as one of the most polluted cities in the world. Therefore, the government is doing all it can to tackle land, water and air pollution in the city. The See Your Lung campaign comes as a helping hand for it in terms of bringing forth the message of anti-pollution to the citizens.

Vijay Kannan, the founder of the See Your Lung campaign, said that people do not realize the risk that they are putting themselves and others by using motor vehicles. He further stressed on the point that what’s the point in using a vehicle for conveyance when a cycle can do all the work.

Mr. Kannan is also the founder of the Clean India Air Movement (CLAIM) under which free car pool service was offered to around 10,000 citizens of New Delhi. CLAIM and the See Your Lung initiatives have quickly picked up the pace in terms of accomplishing their goals. The probability of the future being a bright, pollution-free one is slowly but surely turning into a reality.