Air pollution is not just harmful for healthy humans but is also a major concern for the already sick/ill or ailing. Children being the most sensitive are seriously affected by air pollution. Listed below are the effects of air pollution on ailing children:

Symptoms can worsen: Pollutants in the air can trigger a worsening of symptom in children who are sick or under treatment, especially for respiratory diseases. Air pollution can trigger asthma attacks and acute exacerbations of chronic airway disease.

Immunity is altered: Air pollution is known to lead to a delayed immune response in children. In case of sick children, the immune system is already under attack; air pollution can add to the intensity of this attack, as in the case of asthma and airway disease.

Clinical outcomes can worsen: There is a rise in the number of ailing children dying of diseases related to air pollution.

Healing process may slow down: Air pollution is bad for ailing children as it slows down the healing process and can complicate certain medical conditions.



For ailing women, air pollution can lead to a worsening of symptoms and complications. One needs to take extra precautions in order to stay safe and away from all the hazardous effects of air pollution.


Here is how ailing women can be affected by air pollution:

Respiratory Problems: Women exposed to air pollution face many respiratory issues such as asthma, bronchitis etc. Pollutants in air can lead to a worsening of disease symptoms, especially in women who are suffering from these diseases.

Immunity: For ailing women too, the immune system is under attack; exposure to pollutants in the air can affect immunity, causing a delayed immune response to various infections and diseases.


Life Expectancy: Women who are already in poor health must not be exposed to air pollutants. Women working in set-ups where levels of air pollutants are high are known to have lower life expectancy than women living in a healthy environment. Air pollutants act as slow poison and tend to cause damaging effects in the body.