At National Level

Air pollution is a problem that needs to be dealt with at all levels. There is a lot that the Government of India and various state governments are doing to keep air pollution in check and to ensure that we breathe good quality air. It is our responsibility to be proactive and support the government in dealing with air pollution.

There are quite a few things that India as a nation is doing to control air pollution. To name a few:

Green Energy:  Green energy or renewable energy refers to energy that comes from sources that get renewed naturally. Harnessing solar, geothermal, tidal and wind energy, and using these to fulfill our energy requirements helps ensure that we keep off sources like coal and petroleum, which are not only exhaustible but also fill the environment with pollutants.  Hence, emphasis on renewable sources of energy can go a long way in dealing with air pollution.

Encouraging people to use public transport: One way of reducing pollution due to vehicular emissions is to drive less and use public transport as often as possible. Electric and non-motorized vehicles can also be looked at as an alternative.

Promote Environment-Friendly Products: Encouraging people to buy environment-friendly products is a good way of helping in this fight against air pollution. Use of water based products or items that possess low amounts of volatile organic compounds should be encouraged.

Save Energy: Saving energy has to be one of the top national priorities. Judicious use of energy sources in public places as well as inside our homes needs to be emphasized on. This will go a long way in lessening the burden on environment and in helping deal with air pollution.

Reduce Wastage: We must try to reduce wastage as much as possible by using the methods of recycling and re-use. These products use up energy in their manufacturing which can be saved if we use recycled products.

Prevent Indoor Pollution: Government forms various policies and tries to provide proper utilities for the women in their houses, so that indoor pollution can be reduced. These initiatives need to be taken deeper into rural areas implemented for as many people as possible.

Support Government campaigns like Swachch Bharat Abhiyaan: We must support government campaigns such as the Bharat Swachch Abhiyaan in order to achieve national goals of cleanliness, which include reduction of air pollution. These initiatives are well thought and can make a huge difference with the participation of citizens.

Preserve Nature:  Trees, plants and flowers are all part of the oxygen making process and hence fight air pollution. Emphasis on their preservation helps ensure a better future for our children.

No matter how much work the government does, or how much money it invests, it is our responsibility to help bring about a positive change.