PoochO app that promises to help Delhiites during odd-even test

CLAIM Supports Kejriwal Pooch-O Mobile App Launch Initiative  – After all, It’s your Right to do so!

The essence of the Clean India Air Movement (CLAIM) has been manifested in a mobile application that is providing a diversity of information to Delhi citizens ranging from fetching information regarding auto, taxi and carpooling availability to the traffic situation at any point of time.

Known as Pooch-O, this step shapes up as a mobile application that is enabling users to fetch information pertaining to:

  • Auto/taxi:
    • Location of the auto/taxi
    • Dialling the auto/taxi driver
    • Estimated fare
    • Estimated travel distance
    • Estimated travel time
  • NextBus:
    • Occupancy display
    • Route details
    • Track location of a bus
    • Trip planner
  • Traffic:
    • Traffic jams in the city from the last 25 minutes
    • User-feedback on traffic
    • List of collated user-feedbacks on traffic in the last hour
    • Analysis for gauging the traffic situation in a particular place
    • Instant display of congestion map of Delhi at any point of time

This mobile application is the next-best thing for Delhi citizens today and is, perhaps, the best complement to CLAIM (Clean Air India Movement ) .