Vacuum Cleaning of Delhi Roads – It’s not a Hypothesis but a Reality

The month of April has brought in good news for Delhi roads and the subject of this news is none other than the Delhi Government. It, as part of its Greening Delhi initiative, has brought forth a total of four vacuum suction sweeper machines for cleaning all Delhi roads.

Delhi stands today as one of the most-polluted cities in the world and the primary blame goes to the overall levels of dust in the city. This initiative has sprung forth at the right moment and is more-than-capable of bringing forth the vision of a green Delhi into an everyday reality for the people of Delhi.

Delhi roads are maintained by Public Works Department (PWD) – around 1,260 km approximately. The roads comprise multiple central and side verges and ‘kuchcha’ portions under the flyovers.

Under the Greening Delhi initiative, the cleaning has commenced on Friday, April 1, 2016. This initiative of the Arvind Kejriwal Government is certainly an innovative and unique one and comes as a fitting to the earlier launched odd-even initiative.

With the government on a proactive note to rid Delhi roads from dust, it makes absolute sense to contribute in some way or other!

Therefore, companies have stepped into the picture as well in one way or other.

One of those companies is Blueair, and Mr. Vijay Kannan, its India Head, had launched Clean India Air Movement (CLAIM) earlier. This movement is being seen in line with the odd-even initiative with Delhi citizens being free carpooling service from one place to another – therefore, nullifying their requirement to drive down!

The war against air pollution has started with the government at the helm and companies like Blueair guarding the flanks. It’s not long before air pollution will be defeated once and for all.