Launched on May 5th, with Google boy Kautilya Pandit planting a tree at Purana Quila, Clean Air India Movement (CLAIM) aims to engage, educate and encourage Indian citizens to adopt air friendly measures in the interests of the country and its children.

At a broader level we always think it is the government that needs to formulate and implement plans, but we never realize that even if each one of us does something about it on an individual basis, it won’t  take long to bring about a change.

Air pollution is a major cause of many diseases in humans, imbalance in nature and of adverse effects on flora and fauna. The air pollution levels we currently have in the country are far from acceptable and if the situation is not reversed urgently, we will be fighting for our survival in the near future.

Air Friendly Measures

Cultivating small habits in our day to day life can mean happiness to us and our children. Here is a list of small things we all can, should and must do.

  1. Use public transport: One of the main reasons behind the rise in air pollution is increase in the number of vehicles that has led to a situation where toxic fumes fill the air around us. If we start using public transport much more than we currently do, it would lessen the number of cars on roads and lead to a reduction in the levels of air pollution.
  1. Wise use of Energy: Today, energy consumption in our daily lives is at an all time high. Judicious use of energy sources like electricity helps limit its consumption. This is directly related to air pollution; less energy consumption means less air pollution.
  1. Recycle: This is a term we all are familiar with; we need to use things wisely and then recycle them in order to use them again. This helps in reducing demand for new products and hence reduces air pollution.
  1. Re-Use Things: Reusing not only saves you extra money but also helps in controlling air pollution
  1. Plant Trees: Try to plant as many trees as possible. Where you plant it is not important; it is important that you do. Any tree planted anywhere is one more weapon in the anti-pollution armoury. Trees are the source of fresh oxygen; the more you plant, the cleaner your air will be.
  1. Encourage Others: For all the steps that have been mentioned so far, it is very important that you encourage your family members, neighbours, and friends etc to be a part of the fight against pollution. Explain to them how we can bring about a substantial change if we do this together.
  1. Community initiatives: Take initiatives that can help fight air pollution. Small campaigns such as plantation drives, energy saving campaigns etc. can help in creating a healthier environment. These tasks also foster comradeship and cohesion in the community.
  1. Proper maintenance of vehicles: Regular engine check-ups, dust-free air cleaners and clean oil filters make for less polluting vehicles. We should also advocate the use of fuel efficient vehicles that emit less harmful chemical substances.
  1. Use of alternate energy: Use alternate forms of energy such as solar power and wind power as much as possible. This will go a long way in dealing with air pollution.
  1. Cultivate environment friendliness: Habits tend to stay with us for a long time and impact our surroundings in a bad or a good way. Cultivating good habits in the community towards nature and life will certainly help in the long run. Little things such as conserving plants, proper disposal of waste, no littering are bound to have a significant impact in terms of keeping our environment clean.
  1. Use of technology: We can make use of technologically advanced air pollution control devices like wet scrubbers and fabric filters. Wet scrubbers help remove acids and gasses whereas fabric filters are used to remove dust particles responsible for respiratory problems.
  1. Replace all the standard light bulbs with CFLs: This can go a long way in conserving energy and hence in reducing air pollution.